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Discover greater peace of mind and maximize your real estate investment with Marken Realty. We provide unparalleled property management in Phoenix as we focus on maintaining and enhancing your property’s value, increasing your ROI, and removing the stress from your shoulders. Our property managers are highly professional, readily accessible and quick to respond to your requests, taking the headache out of owning a rental.

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Our Services
  • Ongoing Maintenance <br>& Property Repairs
    Ongoing Maintenance
    & Property Repairs

    We perform property inspections and coordinate all repair requests. A well-maintained home is a valuable home.

  • Marketing, Acquisition<br> & Tenant Screening
    Marketing, Acquisition
    & Tenant Screening

    We minimize vacancy rates with targeted marketing strategies and streamlined tenant acquisition.

  • Rent Collection <br>& Bookkeeping
    Rent Collection
    & Bookkeeping

    We facilitate on-time payments from all tenants and simplify the accounting process, giving you full financial control.

  • Tenant Communication <br>& Request Management
    Tenant Communication
    & Request Management

    We handle tenant requests on your behalf and are committed to creating a positive tenant experience.

  • Consulting & Competitive <br>Rental Market Analysis
    Consulting & Competitive
    Rental Market Analysis

    We’ll execute a detailed analysis, assess your property’s value and work with you on a competitive strategy.

  • Customer Service <br>& Management
    Customer Service
    & Management

    Throughout the management of your property, you can count on a premium level of service from our team.

How We Ensure Maximum Returns For Your Property

Take advantage of our proactive strategies and innovative marketing approaches to ensure your rental in Phoenix attracts top-quality tenants and generates stable income. As one of the top rental management companies in Phoenix, we understand that securing maximum occupancy is paramount to your success as a property owner. 


We employ cutting-edge technology to streamline the tenant acquisition process, conducting thorough screenings and background checks to secure reliable, responsible occupants. Thinking of selling? We can also help you list your home for sale in Phoenix.

What Full-Service Property Management Means to Us

As one of the leading commercial property and apartment management companies in the area, we offer full-service rental property management in Phoenix. When it comes to your rental property, safety, security, and securing the best possible return on investment are our top priorities.


We go the extra mile to assess and enhance the value of your home, maximize your rental income, and provide a personalized service that allows you to make money from your home without any hassle or stress.


Our commitment to excellence and proven track record of success has established us as one of Phoenix’s leading property management companies. 

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We are a Scottsdale property management company, but we also offer our services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. 

Managing and maximizing your investment property requires time, effort and resources to make it successful. If you don’t have time to handle it, it’s best to let our property managers look after your property for you.

Thanks to our in-depth screening process, tenants rarely get evicted. However, it does happen on occasion. If we receive notice that your tenant cannot pay rent consistently, we will notify you immediately and begin evicting them.

We conduct inspections based on your requests. However, we do offer quarterly, bi-annual or annual inspections to survey the status of your property. You’ll be immediately notified about the condition of your investment.