Unfurnished & Furnished Rentals in Scottsdale & Greater Phoenix Area

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Luxurious Furnished Rentals Within Your Budget

Having a home already styled and made for you, reducing the stress of moving days, living in prime locations and being highly cost-effective; these are some of the key advantages of renting a luxury furnished rental in Scottsdale and the Greater Phoenix area 

Other benefits include the flexibility of short-term stays, the convenience of living anywhere you like and living in high-end property catered to your needs. You’ll have a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, quality furniture and electronics, and in some cases, basic cable and internet. 

These benefits highlight why renting luxury furnished rentals is your best option in Scottsdale and Greater Phoenix Area.

 The best part is that rentals in Scottsdale and Greater Phoenix Area are fairly and competitively priced, allowing everyone from students to families to find a luxury place to live. At Marken Realty, we’re happy to showcase the best-furnished rentals, so everyone has a home. 

Renting With Marken

Personalized service, supportive and reliable professionals, transparent billing, and streamlined rent collection make Marken Realty Scottsdale’s and Greater Phoenix Area’s and leading property management team. We place an unprecedented focus on building relationships and supporting renters, helping them find a place not just to live – but to make their living as peaceful as possible. We offer an overarching, year-round service, are available for prompt responses to inquiries and will handle all issues earnestly and fast. Living in a rental property has been this easy and peaceful. And you’ll only get to experience it with Marken by your side.

Prompt Maintenance & Repairs

Prompt Maintenance & Repairs

From assessing the property to organizing the contractor, our team will act swiftly to restore the home's condition, so you can get back to living peacefully.

Luxury Properties Available

Luxury Properties Available

Marken is happy to offer a wealth of high-end, luxury furnished and unfurnished rentals. These properties are considered the industry’s highest standard, and we’re proud to offer them.

Automated Rent Collection

Automated Rent Collection

With our automated rent collection system, we take the responsibility of paying rent off your shoulders, so you are stress-less and have more time for yourself.

Ongoing Management & Care

Ongoing Management & Care

We want to turn a rental into your home; we’ll do it by supporting you with continual management and care, handling any requests rapidly and effectively.

Competitive Rental Rates

Competitive Rental Rates

Scottsdale and Greater Phoenix Area have some of the most competitive rental prices available compared to other states. We’ll find you a home that works for your budget.

Quick & Easy Rental Process

Quick & Easy Rental Process

We make it easy for you to find a home. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll handle it. Next thing, you’ll be moving in!

Find What You’re Looking For

We get it; everyone has different needs and requirements. A corporate traveller needs short-term rentals in Phoenix to handle their affairs. A family might want temporary housing until they move into their new home. Some couples want a break from everyday life or a permanent home. That’s why Marken offers a variety of furnished and unfurnished rentals for whatever someone’s needs are. We have a premium selection of properties available at request, from executive rentals and corporate housing to extended visits for work or university and permanent moves. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll find it! 

Short Term Rentals

Get a short-term fix by submitting your request for a rental. We have houses, condos and townhouses ready and available for those requiring an urgent stay.

Long Term Rentals

You can rest back and settle in for the long-term with Marken. Our long-term rentals cater to families, couples, and college or corporate individuals.

Furnished Rentals

Move into a home that’s already made for you. Our furnished rentals are loaded with premium materials, designs and appliances, making your stay a joy.

Unfurnished Rentals

Have the space to add your own touch to the property with our selection of unfurnished rentals. Choose from homes, townhouses and condos.

Living in the Greater Phoenix Area

There are several benefits to moving to the Greater Phoenix area. The ideal climate, natural attractions, active social scene and rich culture, all make this stunning area suitable for families, couples and any individual seeking a new place to live. Most importantly, the standard of living in the valley is exceptional, and the cost of living is affordable for all, with plenty of renting and housing available for everyone. Upon moving to the valley, you’ll immediately notice the warm and friendly environment that will feel agreeable for all new residents. 

Visiting Scottsdale and Greater Phoenix Area

Amazing weather, stunning scenery and outdoor adventures, multicultural communities and culturally diverse cuisine are some of the best reasons to visit Phoenix. There are plenty of wonderful natural attractions (such as the Grand Canyon), an active nightlife and social scene, and plenty of festivals and activities. It’s also a central business hub, allowing all entrepreneurs to connect and commence operations. Whether you’re staying a month or several, you’ll enjoy your experience in Phoenix.

Working in Scottsdale and Greater Phoenix Area

Thanks to an increasing boom in the population, and the continual growth of the local community, there are plenty of opportunities for workers and businesses in Scottsdale and the Greater Phoenix area. The valley is a place that is open to new ideas and willing to take chances. That’s why enterprises of varying sizes can establish a foothold in the local market while workers can participate in major industries. These industries can include real estate, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, construction and waste management.

Everything You Need to Know About Furnished & Unfurnished Rentals in scottsdale & Phoenix greater area

It depends on the contractual agreement between the landlord and the tenant. In some cases, the landlord will cover specific utilities (water, gas or electricity) while the tenant covers others (internet). We will review the contract agreement with you to understand what is expected from you.

Indeed you should. We highly recommend that you have renter’s insurance, so you can claim any losses or damages that might occur during your stay.

It depends on the contract offered by the landlord. For short-term or vacation rentals, it is usually 30 days. For long-term rentals, it can be between 6 to 12 months.

Yes, you can. In many cases, you can adjust and move furniture around to your liking, making your home more comfortable. However, you might be requested not to move some furniture or items around.

It all depends on what the owner of the property allows. In some cases, they might be happy to remove certain furniture; others might not want you to. It’s best to let us know so we can speak with the owner.

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